July 2018
Dulce & Eric

I arrived in Brno on Saturday, June 16 th , 2018. All this an entirely new experience for me. It was my first time in Europe. A lot of feelings and thoughts going through my mind, but still exciting! The first few weeks after my arrival, Eric was working non-stop. I stayed in the apartment that Eric had rented, trying to get familiarized with the neighborhood.

Inside the apartment, I am trying to get used to being underground. The place used to be a bomb shelter during the war and was located two floors underground. It honestly took me some time to get used to the idea and the home without windows. It was just hard to know if it was day or night outside. This situation did end up being good at the end because I decided to work on my online business while Eric was working.

Eric’s schedule was unpredictable and always rotating. Most of the time he had to do flights that would start at 8:00 pm and end at 4:00 am, or around those hours. So, being underground helped me, not knowing if it was day or night. I was constantly texting my 20-year-old son back in Nashville, and my friends in San Antonio that were all seven hours behind, so it felt just like I was still back at home.

The first two weeks, I also spent some time doing a lot of research about where to do hot yoga, places to go in Brno and its surroundings. When Eric’s schedule allowed it, we went to explore Brno. I also spend some time familiarizing myself with public transportation.

July came upon us, and Eric had two consecutive days off. I had my list of places I wanted to visit outside Brno ready. The first place was Znojmo. We got a rental car, a small but very comfortable Škoda Octavia (A Czech Car) and started the drive. Destination: South Moravia region to the Znojmo Castle and Rotunda (The Rotunda of St. Catherine). The ride was a complete delight, fields covered with sunflowers, farms, small towns and green fields everywhere. Such beauty the Czech countryside!

For more pictures of Znojmo visit our Facebook: Facebook page click here!

After the visit to the Museum, we got starving. We usually munch on fruits, salads, light snacks, or get coffee (white chocolate mocha venti from Starbucks for me) through the day and get a big meal in the evening. We called this meal brunchner (breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one) So, our brunchner time was coming, and we looked for an excellent place to eat in town.

Eric looked for the right place on his phone and found Tusto tusto!

If you are in Znojmo, looking for a good quality healthy dinner, we recommend this place.

I am not much into taking pictures of my food, but this restaurant serves it very nicely, the right portions and very tasty!

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