I am not going to pretend and try to convince you that I am an expert in traveling because I am not. I am not going to try to teach you how to travel cheap and how to find the better deals out there in the world, that would save you money either. The reason for
that, is because I do not always look for cheap.

I like to be comfortable. I like to make things easy and smooth for me and my family without compromising safety, health and quality. If the places we visit can offer everything I look for and
happens to be cheap then I will definelty go for it.

I am not going to talk about my past life much here. I very likely will write a book someday. That is not what I am planning to do
with this blog

The only thing I am going to say for now is that I had gone through a lot in my life. A lot of lack, some of this lack was
somehow because of my own wrong personal choices, but most of it because the people around me made wrong decisions for
me, without me having much to say.

Now, my life is different. It has been a lot of sacrifice, hard work, trail and error, a lot of never ending learning and a very long journey to come to where I am at the present time.

That is the reason why I prefer a nice Airbnb apartment or over a camping tent. A nice comfortable rental car where I can put my Eddie Bauer luggage, than a back pack and hitchhiking. Or a nice elegant restaurant, over cheap fast food or a food stand on the street.

In this blog, I am going to only share my own personal experiences, the pictures that I take during my trips and recommend the places that I like the most and consider worth sharing.

If you like what I post and consider my information helpful for your trips or if this blog can give you ideas for your next vacation, you are welcome to follow me in my journey.

Things to Consider Before Traveling

It is important that after you had decided on your next trip destination, if another country other than yours, to check on the visa requirements for such country.

If you are an American citizen, you are very fortunate to not required one for some countries but that does not apply for the rest of us. For further information on visa please make sure you research this thoroughly.

My husband Eric, as an American pilot, doesn’t have to put much though into this when he travels. So, when he flew Roger Waters through his Canada tour, he asked me if I wanted to go to one of Water’s concerts in Vancouver, just one week before it.

Of course, as a Pink Floyd fan, I was not going to say no to such proposal. We made plans for it, scheduled my flight and made arrangements at work to have my class covered. I was very excited about it, things were packed and “taken care of” until a day before departure. I asked Eric if I needed a visa to go to Canada. Since I am not an American citizen, and it hit us! Visa! That’s important, right?

We were lucky that Canada’s visa requirements are not that strict and I was able to obtain the entrance permit overnight online. But some other places are not like Canada. This little scare, made me realized that checking for visa requirements is a priority over any other trip planning.

At the beginning of this year, Eric’s company send all the staff members an e-mail informing them about a contract they had made with an European airline and asked for volunteers to fulfill this job assignment.

It was a 5 month contract (from May to October 2018) to be based in the Czech Republic. The invitation to volunteer was extended to family and the deal was as sweet as candy, hard to refused! But among all the information sent to employees, it didn’t included the information about visas. It seemed to me that not even the company knew, or they just focused only on the employees (that didn’t need to worry about it) because they were part of the work deal.

As hard to believe, most people didn’t tough about visa requirements for their family members and planned for their families to go. Some, for the entire time. I started to make plans for the 5 months stay, started to research about traveling with pets in order to take my three furry babies with us, and planned to put everything in storage, in order to cut down on the expenses the best way possible.

The plan A went to plan B, and plan B went to plan C all the way into a lot of headaches, and down hill all the way into plan Z. Nothing we planned was going to work, and Eric’s time to leave was approaching faster than we could think what to do.

The visa again, was one of the conflicting situations. I found out through the internet that I was going to be allowed to enter Europe without a visa for only 90 days over a 6 months period. I also found out that in order to acquired a more than 90 days stay in the Czech Re-pubic. I had to send my passport to the Czech Consulate, along with a lot of documents that were going to take time to obtain, I was going to need to translate them into Czech, and wait for 3 months to receive an answered. Great! Just do it! You must be saying. Well, we learnt about all these just days before the day Eric had to leave on May 15 th and time was just not on our side anymore.

So, the decision was that I was just going to go there only for the 90 days allowed instead of the 5 months that Eric volunteered for, and the cats where going to stay home with a pet sitter, and we were going to keep all our belonging packed inside the house until the month of October when we had to come back. So far so good, the plan worked and it ended up to be the right decision. I went to the Czech Republic from June 15 th to July 31 st , came back home for 35 days and back again from September 5th to October 16th.

My Essentials Before Traveling: