South Moravian Region

The City of a Hundred Spires with Lots of Things to Do

My Polish friend came to visit us in Brno on Saturday, September 29 th , 2018. We didn’t have much time to show him around as I would’ve wanted, but we got to take him to the Main Square, Špilberk Castle, and to the Zelný trh (cabbage market) where that day at night, people were selling German beer and had a big October Fest celebration. My friend and Eric got themselves a mug, and we spend some time at the square looking at people dance and have fun, it was almost impossible to have a conversation because of the loud music. Once they finished their drinks, we decided to go bar hopping. Eric had heard through co-workers that some pilots, co-pilots, flight
attendants and mechanics were going back to the USA that weekend and that only a few were going to remain in the Czech until the end of the contract. By the time we were out bar hopping he still didn’t know if he was leaving or

staying. I was nervous because I had my return ticket for October 16 th and if he had to leave, I was going to stay by myself in Brno for the remaining of the time.

About two in the morning, Czech time he received the e-mail that informed all the staff members who was leaving and who was staying. Eric was selected to remain for the rest of the contract! That was an excellent reason for us to celebrate and the bar hopping adventure continued. Later that same night, he received the next e-mail informing the employees that they were going to be picked up at the Brno hotel where the employees were staying to take them to Prague at 2 p.m. That was the end of our night adventure! We went home to sleep because we had to wake up in a few hours, take my friend to Austerlitz, help Eric pack and take him to the hotel.

Eric went to Prague to finish the contract on September 30 th , we had rented a car for a week, and I took my friend home to Poland. I joined Eric in Prague on Wednesday, September 3 rd . I was reluctant to drive at first in Europe, but it ended up to be an exciting experience for me. After going to Poland back and forth, I was feeling more confident. In Prague, some streets are very narrow, and it can be tough to find a place to park.

Eric’s company had informed them that they were not going to have two or more consecutive days off for the remaining of the two weeks, only one day at a time. That meant that we had to limit our trips to short tours in the city. We ventured out during the few days that we had when he was not flying.

In Prague, we stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott

Just across the street from the airport. It is not only a lovely place with the front side of windows and in a convenient walking distance for Eric, but it also had a great view of the airport.

The airport is around 30 minutes away by car from the city’s main square and attractions. While Eric was out flying, I usually stayed in the room working online. I do not like to go out by myself, especially in new places. There is nothing better than experiencing the excitement of being in a new location with someone special.

The first day I arrived in Prague, I came late. We were ready for dinner, and the sun was about to set. My first Prague experience was at night, and beyond my expectations. As well as all the rest of the times that we went out to explore. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities that I was lucky to be in during this trip.

It was already Fall, and the temperature had dropped significantly, it was time to bundle up, and since Eric had mostly taken clothes for the Summer, we not only use visits to the Main Square for dinners and sightseeing but also for shopping for warm clothes, souvenirs, and hot drinks.

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