Two out of the three visits I did to Poland were completely unexpected. I
really never thought I was going to end up there.
I was in the Netherlands for 5 hours waiting for my plane to the Czech
Republic on June 16 th , when I received a message through Facebook
messenger. It was from a guy I didn’t recognized at first, he asked me if
I was already in the Czech Republic. My respond after not yet, was
“who are you?”
He ended up being a friend from a single’s club I used to be part of years
ago. When we met, he was in Houston for work and had gone back to
his country long ago. I had not heard from him in so long that I didn’t
know who he was at first. We had remained been friends on Facebook
and he had seen my Facebook post about me traveling.
He informed me that another friend of us was coming to visit him in a
week and I suggested that we should get together.
Once I arrived to the Czech Republic, my husband was working so much
that he thought it would be good for me to go visit my friends.