The airline my husband Eric works for assigned him to work in Brno, Czech Republic. The airline gave all the employees the option to volunteer to go and to choose the time that they will want to stay in Europe. Anytime between May 2018 to October 2018.

Eric and I agreed to volunteer to go for the entire five months. It was going to be the first time for both to go to Europe. The airline notified the employees about going to Europe in March; they didn’t provide enough information about visas, or where we were going to stay, everything was in the air without concrete details.

We had to make several tough decisions in a short period. We had decided that we were going to minimalize the number of things that we owned and that we were going to move to another state after we came back from Europe in October. So, we started selling stuff on Facebook and Letgo. We also began to put everything else in boxes for the move after Europe. I had had foot surgery in April; I had to wear a boot and crutches for six weeks which made all the packing, the selling and all the situation more complicated.

Eric left on May 15 th , 2018. I had to stay home for a month to heal, have physical therapy and end the school year as a teacher in San Antonio TX.

Eric spent the first two weeks of work in Prague, Czech Republic and moved to Brno for the remaining time.

I joined him June 15 th , 2018. Two days before our first wedding anniversary. I arrived in Prague where my husband was waiting for me with a private driving service that took us in a two-hour drive to Brno. Our home in Europe for the next few months.

The Czech Republic located in central Europe.

Capital is Prague.

Language is Czech.

Currency is Czech Koruna.

The dialing code is +420