South Moravian Region

“Brno, Our Home in Europe”

Once Eric received the notification that he was among the selected ones to go to Europe, we started to look for places to live. Eric’s company offered the employees the option to stay in a hotel or to find a place to live fully reimbursable. During my online research, I came across a company name foreigners, I sent them a message online, and it didn’t take long for them to respond. Eric started to exchanged e-mails with one of their consultants that provided him with some information. We saw a couple of apartments online, but we didn’t make any decision until Eric was in the Czech Republic.

IEric left on May 12 th , 2018 to work flying and ended up in Greensboro, North Carolina where he flew to Europe in one of the four company planes that they took to the Czech.

All the employees that went on May arrived in Prague and stayed there until June 1 st . Some employees went to Brno and others went to Ostrava. Eric was assigned the base in Brno. When he had his first day off, he took a train to Brno to look for apartments. Eric met with the foreigner's lady, he had messaged with previously, and she took him to view a total of four apartments. Eric didn’t take long to send me tons of pictures of the place he wanted for us.

A modern one bedroom entirely furnished apartment, with two small bathrooms, a shower, a small kitchen, massage table, sauna, a blue light sun tanning pannel over the bed, and a jacuzzi for $25, 000 CZK a month, which it was around USD 1,200.

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Inside the city, the streets were very narrow; on some roads, there was hardly space for one car. We went straight into the castle, which has parking outside.

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